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Why Should I Use SMS Marketing In My Business?

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Do You Use use SMS (Text) Marketing To 

Communicate With Your Customers? 

If YES: Then you probably know about the ongoing costss to send your SMS text blasts to your list. It may not seem like much at first, but as your list grows, the costs start to add up!  Aren't you tired of that? 

If NO: Then know that there is an ongoing cost to using SMS (texting) to stay connected with your customers.  And as your list grows, the cost grows as well. 

There Is A Better Way!


"Want To Meet SMS Champ™ and See A Quick Demo." 

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We all know the importance of SMS Marketing.

Email is Good, But SMS is KING

Emails can sit unread for days, phone calls can go unanswered, but text messages are almost always read immediately after they’re sent.

but usually, You have to pay fees for every sms/mms you send... This could add up!



Use Your Android® Device As SMS/MMS Gateway

Get responses from customers and clients right on your phone.

Send Bulk Messages

Use CSV or Excel file containing numbers to send bulk messages.

Send Bulk SMS

Send Bulk MMS

Works In Background

You don’t need to keep the Android® app open on the device for it to work.  In fact,  you don’t even need your phone once you connect it to SMS Champ™!

Send Long Messages

Schedule Messages

Download Android™ App

Multi Language Supported

Receive SMS on admin panel

SMS Champ™ Screenshots

What Can SMS Champ™ Be Used For?

You Can Use Your Own Number & Phone

No Need To Buy A New Phone Number

One Phone. Unlimited Outreach.

No Need To Pay For SMS. 

"But I Don't Use An Android® Phone"

I, myself, am an iPhone® user. I have been working on building strategies to grow customer lists for my business and for my clients. SMS marketing is a vital communication strategy that can help you stay connected with your customers. 

So Why Android®?

This platform is for Android® devices only because Android® is “open source” platform, this means we can make modifications.

What if you don’t have an Android® phone?

Go to Amazon® or any local store and buy the Cheapest Android® phone!  The Phone needs minimal space, or any features.  You can find phones for $60.  Just make sure the phone you choose is 4G compatible to allow for MMS (media) sending ability. You can use your existing SIM card,  then you are on your way to doing UNLIMITED SMS MARKETING at NO EXTRA cost.

To Increase Customer Engagement!

SMS vs Email

I prefer using an Omni-channel approach which includes using SMS as well as Email. 

The SMS stats show that the open rates for SMS marketing is > 98%. 

This is where the power of SMS Champ™ can Help!

What Does The Research Have To Say?

You Now Have A Choice To Make. You Can Forget This Page and Continue To Struggle To Engage With Your Customers. 


You Can Try SMS Champ™ For The Next 30 Days And See How It Can Help Your Business!

You Have Nothing To Lose But Poor Customer Engagement.

"Can I Give You $100?"

Here's The Truth. 

I realize it's asking a lot for iPhone® users to switch or add an Android® to their phone collection. 

The main reason is the perceived added cost. 

Let's look at the relative cost to consistently send SMS marketing message (usually as a blast). 

Most SMS marketing platforms are powered by an SMS sending credit system. 

Many companies will charge several pennies per credit sent. 

Doesn't seem like much, does it. 

Relatively speaking, it's a cost effective means in which to connect with your customer who has given you permission to contact them. Compared to other marketing methods like direct mail (postcard), SEO, YouTube® ads, Facebook® ads etc. which are going up in costs continuously. 

But, even SMS costs can add up. 

Here are a couple of screenshots I grabbed when doing a simple internet search:

But what if your list grows over time? 

(as it should)

What happens if the SMS processor raises their prices?

Your costs keep going up. 

And do you notice a pattern in these 2 examples?

They charge you for more credits. But say you can have "unlimited contacts". 

Why not have Unlimited SMS AND 

Unlimited Contacts, too?!

SMS Champ™ wants to help!

To do this...We have developed a special application that you download to your Android® phone and sync that application to our platform via a QR code. After that, you can upload Unlimited Contacts and send Unlimited SMS marketing messages, 

All For One Low Flat Fee. 

The Price for SMS Champ™ is being released at a "Beta" charter member pricing. We need users, like you, to help us make our platform better with your user feedback. 

But back to iPhone® users...

As I said before, I'm an iPhone® user and had to go through some trial and error to find a low cost Android® phone and SIM card option. Yes, You need an active SIM card (activated on a carrier) in order to power the system. I have found unlocked Android® phones between $60-$80 on Amazon® that are 4G compatible. I found a SIM card with a carrier option that is just $15/mo for unlimited text. (I show you where to go for this cheap option in the training once you are a SMS Champ™ member!)

But I don't want this added phone cost to burden you and detract you from this opportunity. 

Imagine, after acquiring your Android® phone to sync with SMS Champ™, the only other additional cost is the low monthly carrier plan I mentioned above. 

You can send unlimited SMS marketing messages to an unlimited customer list for a low flat fee. Why be penalized for growing your lists with added SMS credits! Who needs that?! 

So, to ease your burden. I want to cover the cost of your added phone and carrier fees. 

As a Beta, Charter member to SMS Champ™, if you purchase today, I will give you a Special Coupon Code for $100 credit (per month). So even after I pay for your new phone and small monthly carrier activation fee, you can keep the $100 credit active on your account as long as you remain an active member. 

Now...if you already have an Android®, you don't have to go through this - get a second phone - process (unless you want to). 

If you're already an Android® user, 

you may be thinking, 

"What About Me?!"

Well, worry not! 

We will also give you access to the $100 off coupon. 

Just to be fair to everyone and to let all have a chance at this amazing opportunity! 

Remember, this coupon is for a lifetime discount! 

(Not A One Time Only Coupon)

As long as you remain a Charter Member to 

SMS Champ™. 

example 1: 

example 2: 

Hi, I'm Jay Herrera. Founder of SMS Champ™. I get this comment a lot. I have even said it myself.  

Special Bonus Time!

Bonus 1: New Charter Members will receive UNLIMITED MMS credits. Most companies charge extra ( often 2-3 x what regular SMS messages cost) for MMS credits.  

What is MMS? Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from a mobile phone over a cellular network. Images, Video Clips, Files, for example. We just require that your phone you are syncing with SMS Champ is at least 4G compatible to be able to process the MMS media ie images, gifs etc. 

Bonus 2:  FREE UPDATES! We will be continuing to develop SMS Champ™ and make it better and better. As a charter member, you can be certain that you will be automatically updated and new upates roll out. 

Stop Paying For Endless SMS Credits. 

Send Unlimited SMS (Text) Messages To Unlimited Customers! 

Do You Like To Keep In Touch With Your Customers; But, Hate The High Costs?!



(Was $199)

(Was $299)

(Was $199)

(Was $299)



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